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released January 11, 2012



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Track Name: SOLSTICE
I want the days to be long again
My weary head is sick from hibernation
I will the days to be long once more
The full moon sheds its tide on the shore

This might be the last solstice by the time we learn to change

Witness every existing belief turn to nonsense
Spinning intricate webs of ego and pompousness

It's as though I'm crawling backwards to where I came from in the ground.
Memories that I have made, the words that I used to say; they're all gone now.
Soon I'll end up as an obsolete machine, rusted and broken down.
If what they said is a lie
How are we to answer
Clanging pots and gnashing teeth
Ill show you the small details

Turn your backs on those who led us astray
Our voices echo in solidarity
More is never enough for the unsatiable
Armageddon is nigh

Spinning and shaking downwards out of gravity
This void is deeper than all fathoms of space and time
There's no telling what will become of us now We float freely into the abyss
Covering up the damage with black folds of infinity
Conforming lives converge in wormholes
The essence of all human life is nothing more than stars
But then we will never cease

Conservation, preservation, repair, rebuild, generations stand on the brink of discovery. Time is not yet lost. The world is old and strong. We must seek to understand her.
In unbreakable bonds we shed our feeble bodies into eternity in reparation for our blasphemous existence.
I hope one day we can all look forward to saying goodbye.